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Guitar Artists' Guitar Amplifiers
Milbert GAGA Tube Amp
Phantom Pedal Power

Phantom Power for Pedals and Pickups

Milbert GAGA: 12-pounds 90-watts tube guitar amp

GAGA Guitar Artist Guitar Amp


World's most versatile guitar amplifier -- use any combination of power tubes

Adjustable from 1 up to 15-, 30-, 60-, or 90-watts

12 pounds total weight

Transformer-less design eliminates drawbacks inherent in traditional amps

Accepts 36 types of power tubes in any combinations; input tubes can also be changed

Plays "matched" tubes as well as tubes of completely, even wildly different types

Plays all standard tube complements

Allows over 1.6 million combinations of tubes

No adjustments required - all combinations of tubes are auto-biased

Hand-wound power magnetics & impedance converters

Impedance converters attain correct theoretical output transformer turns ratio

No low-frequency saturation, high-frequency roll-off, or phasal non-linearities

Low impedance output drives a wide range of speakers

Not damaged by no load / open-load or shorted load

Automatic protection circuitry

Ramp-up turn-on delay extends tube life

10 - 20 years tube life depending on use

Class AB output stage; 2 push-pull pairs, can be used imbalanced for tonal effect

Tone stack; Effects loop with Send volume control

P3™ Phantom Power powers pedals and active pickups through the signal cable

No heavy power or audio transformers - no hum

Domestic or Universal (autosensing 100-240VAC 50/60Hz) power supplies available

Interchangeable features may be changed for look, or removed to cut weight even further

Fits anywhere, even inside a "small head" case with room to spare.

Uses patented designs by David Berning, one of the world's premier audio designers

Premium components and craftsmanship, made in USA

Upgradeable to any power capability and/or international supply


"Went to the amp show... Most innovative... P3 ... Milbert tube amp with no transformer. It sounds amazing. The builders brought a drummer and bassist with them, and people were jamming all weekend. ... It sounded excellent." »


Shape Shifter

Milbert Amplifiers GAGA 60-watt tube head
by Rich Maloof / Vintage Guitar, Jan 2014

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Milbert Amplifiers has produced a genuinely revolutionary guitar amplifier in GAGA. Lightweight, exceptionally adaptable, and featuring an innovative transformerless design, GAGA may be unparalleled in matching versatility with supremely satisfying tube tone.

Under a hood of aircraft aluminum, GAGA has the capability to use any tubes, auto-match impedance to any speaker, adjust headroom, and provide phantom power for pedals. ...all players really need to know is that a transformerless amp allows pure, unfiltered tube response -- and that without a hunk of iron in the chassis, the head weighs just 12 pounds.

Any common power tubes can be used in any combination of two, three, or four tubes you like. Because the amp autobiases, you can even use mismatched tubes together to shape your tone. ... Without a transformer to drive, the distinctive qualities of different output tubes can be heard unimpeded. And because you can easily swap tubes after pulling off GAGA's top, the amp provides a singular opportunity to explore truly pure tube sounds. We exhausted only a handful of the hundreds of possible tube combinations...

Any speaker cab or cab pair can be connected to GAGA, regardless of load....

... well beyond the amp's capacity for emulation is an opportunity to discover entirely new timbres, and to nail a sound that otherwise exists only in a player's mind. ...touring musicians, session players, recording studios, and total tone hounds may find this amplifier undeniable.

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"This amp is cool in so many ways! build your tone and get to change it whenever and wherever you want. ...[Milbert offers] one amplifier that can perform as many different amplifiers -- and they did it correctly. ... you can get the sound of any amp you want with real tubes ... and [GAGA] weighs in at [12] lbs. Do I really need to say anything else?"

Performer Magazine, September 2014, pp. 46-47

GAGA, the Guitar Artists Guitar Amplifier ... uses advanced power conversion and other patented innovations ... to uniquely convey maximum tube tone and to attain what has previously been elusive: The verifiably purest-possible tube performance and a stunning "clarity of tone" that unleashes cleaner cleans, dirtier dirties, and a more natural, most-musical ecstasy...


Tube What Thou Wilt

Mix Your Own Tube Cocktail - Mix tube tones to your taste, over 1.6 million variations

Tubes vs Transformers - An Esoteric Exploration of Tubes, Transformers, Tone, Transcendence

What Good Tone Looks Like, September 2014 (PDF)

Jun 2024 -- Promptly after GAGA's introduction in 2009, some internet/forums yap heckled "hi-fi design" and veered off from there; that was 15 years ago. Tonight I found this gem: "The [300-watt Ampeg SVT] amplifier [frequency response] was flatter than a bookkeeper's ass from [20 Hz to 20 kHz] plus or minus a [decibel] at 300 watts. It was a beautiful high-fidelity was flat; all the voicing was [per] standard Baxandall-style tone-controls..." - Roger Cox, lead project designer of the celebrated Ampeg SVT combo, 10:00 into


There is wait list for all GAGA models. Call or email to get on the list.


      15 W max audio power, 120 or 240 V mains


      30 W max audio power, 120 or 240 V mains


      60 W max audio power, 120 or 240 V mains


      90 W max audio power, universal world power

Each of the lower wattages is upgradeable. Domestic and world power universal supplies are available. Electromagnetically clean patented power conversion technologies maximize performance and greatly extend tube lifetimes. Numerous customizations are available, including some that are player-changeable: Different rubber feet (black, blue); wood sides, wood faceplate, various handles; different knobs, anodized aluminum hardware, etc. GAGA ships with standard tube complements - 6L6, EL34, 12AT7 - or with custom-selected tubes per specification. Available bare, mounted in a "small head", or mounted in a 1 x 12 cabinet, GAGA can fit practically anywhere.

Milbert Amplifiers GAGA Guitar Tube Amplifier

Milbert Amplifiers, The Most Musical Amplifiers. Made in USA since 1986.
Milbert Amplifiers
The Most Musical Amplifiers
Made in USA since 1986

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