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GAGA lets you play the tubes you want
in whatever combination you like

"...i am amazed at the tone tweaking ability...with the Headroom and Volume knobs and ability to change tubes (i used a combination of 6v6's, 6ca7, and el34), i could get just the perfect amount of 'diffusion' i look for, so the guitar either stands out or blends in with the band or mix). the portability is another sweet point, added to the tone tweaking i just described, your amp is primo. ... on to another day of fun playing [GAGA], here's to you for coming up with the best of my forty amps!" -- Sporad Buzzic, New York, Jan 2012

Mix your Tube Cocktail ™

  • Easily and completely change "the sound", without changing the amp.
  • Use 2, 3 or 4 power tubes for tone and power.
  • Every tube can be completely different, or the same.
  • Escape from "matched" anything.
  • Choose your own voicing and tonality.
  • Auto-Everything™ = no more adjustments = Plug and play
  • "...a perfect studio amp."
"Tube amps traditionally have a 'sound'. But musicians are individuals. Why let any amp homogenize you? GAGA lets you mix tubes to make your own tone." -- Michael Milbert

Play-Any-Tubes ™

The output tubes operate in full-power, class AB1, linear push-pull manner but without any traditional magnetic saturations, roll-offs, phase effects or hysteresis lags. GAGA delivers the purest possible tube performance.

6L6 family: 6L6, KT66, EL37, 5881, 7581, 6P1P-EV, 6P3S-E, 6P6S 6146
EL-34 family: (power pentodes) EL34, KT77, 6CA7 6K6
6550 family: 6550, KT88, KT90, KT120 » » »
6V6 family: 6V6, 6EY6, 6EZ5, 6P6S, 6AY5, 587, 5871, 7184, 7408, 7EY6
STR family: STR- 417, 420, 425, 427, 430, 442, 447, 450, 454

Pre-amp signal tubes can also be swapped for tone.
Compatible pre-amp tubes:

12AX7 type: 12AX7, 12AX7A, 12AX7LPS, 12AX7WA, 12AX7WB, 12AX7WC, 12AX7EH, 12AX7C9, 5751, 5751WA, 6057, 6681, 7025, 7058, 7729, ECC83, ECC803, ECC803S, E83CC, 12AD7, 12DF7, 12DM7, 12DT7, B339, M8137, 12AK7, E283CC   »
12AT7 type: 12AT7, 12AT7WA, 6201, 6679, 7728, ECC801, ECC801S   »
12AU7 type: 12AU7, 12AU7A, 5814, 5814A, 5963, 6189, 6680, 7316, 7730, ECC82, ECC802, ECC802S, E80CC   »
12AV7 type: 12AV7, 5965, 7062, E180CC
12AY7 type: 12AY7, 6072, 6072A
12AZ7 type: 12AZ7

See wikipedia and also Frank Philipse's Tube Data Archive.

Milbert Amplifiers, The Most Musical Amplifiers. Made in USA since 1986.
Milbert Amplifiers
The Most Musical Amplifiers
Made in USA since 1986

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