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The Most Musical Amplifiers. Made in USA since 1986.

Support / Service

We support and service all products we've ever made. Owners Manuals are available; email us your model and serial number.

Shipping items to us -- Contact us for our ship-to address prior to sending anything to us. You will need a RMA number from us; we will need a Tracking Number from you; Shipping Insurance is mandatory; please carefully verify that our correct ship-to address appears on all shipping receipts and labels affixed to packages sent to us: Triple-check the address. Items sent to incorrect shipping addresses have been lost. Use the original packaging to prevent damage during shipping and to avoid replacement cost. Bubble-wrap, air-cushions, foam peanuts and flimsy boxes are cheap but often end up costing much more.

Terms for warranty repair service or additional work -- All shipping and insurance charges, customs duties, etc., in both directions, are the customer's responsibility. For repair/returns, customer should use the original box and original packaging materials to prevent damage during shipping and to avoid additional cost for replacement box and packaging. If necessary we can send an empty shipping box and packaging materials. Any loss or damage incurred during shipment in either direction is the sole responsibility of the customer to rectify with the carrier. Any necessary parts for repair will be invoiced together with shipping and packaging charges. An initial Estimate / Work Order / Proforma Invoice can be provided to customer upon request. We prefer Fedex, UPS, USPS, DHL, UPS/other in that order. Customer may arrange for pickup by alternate carrier, but we must be alerted prior to pickup date with approximate time and carrier service.

Product Upgrades & Improvements

Upgrades are available at any time for most products. Contact us for details.

BaM-230 and BaM-235 can be upgraded to BaM-235ab. Nearly everything internal is changed; it's practically a new amplifier. The chassis and electro-mechanical parts are cleaned, fixed as necessary. Everything is brought up to the latest model, specification, performance, warranty.

Early model BaM-230 and BaM-235 amplifier have extra-sensitive, high-gain input tube stages. The extra high gain was necessary because when we started making amplifiers decades ago, typical audio signal levels averaged only 50 mV p-p! On modern systems with sensitive speakers or horn-loaded drivers (and having much larger audio signal levels), the extra gain may not be necessary or desired; therefore, modification of the input gain stage is possible to reduce its sensitivity and more directly match audio signal levels provided by modern sources. Contact us for details.

Regarding audio coupling capacitor "upgrades" -- Over the decades, a number of audiophiles have replaced the audio signal path coupling capacitors in attempt to "improve" what is ultimately a subjective experience in sound quality. During design and for years afterwards, we did extensive tests with coupling capacitors, trying dozens of brands and styles, as many as we could find -- always cost-no-object: We took detailed notes, involved multiple listeners over months, systems, conditions, etc, and we have revisited this investigation several times (we are always interested in listener feedback). Consistently revealed as "the best" general overall choice (not necessarily with regard to cost) has in fact always been the original capacitor chosen by David Berning; they have never been bested, all factors considered and weighted for reliability and sound quality.

BaM-235ab offers a few internal grounding options for use in complex installations.

Liquid also offers several internal options.

GAGA products can be stepped-up in maximum available power: 15 to 30, 60, or 90. 30 to 60 or 90. 60 to 90. Also, domestic power supply can be upgraded to world-ready / universal power supply. Downsizings are also available for power supply and maximum output power (this may be unique amongst amps in the known universe).

TC products have alternate sets of filter points available. The tubes may be upgraded from triode to pentode. Various other improvements are also available, some optionally as D.I.Y.

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Product Authenticity Verification

Smart design, good craftsmanship and quality parts have given our products uncommonly long lifetimes. Are you considering buying a Milbert Amplifiers product other than from the factory? Beware counterfeit fake products. We gladly verify product authenticity so you can invest in genuine Milbert Amplifiers products with confidence, no matter their age - Email us the product model, serial number, description, location, photos, etc.

Repair of Miscellaneous Equipment

We sometimes receive local requests for service of miscellaneous audio equipment.

The Electronic Clinic has been fixing broken electronic equipment for over forty years. Ask for Les @ 301-869-3113, or email him directly

Milbert Amplifiers, The Most Musical Amplifiers. Made in USA since 1986.
Milbert Amplifiers
The Most Musical Amplifiers
Made in USA since 1986

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