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The Most Musical Amplifiers. Made in USA since 1986.

New York Amp Show, June 2012

Session and guest musicians jam on GAGA and GAGA D-60 thru various speakers, cabinets, and power tube mixtures in a tasty, small band context. Everyone was welcome to listen or plug-in and turn up with guitar, bass, drums and more. Guitars and bass were all amplified by GAGA and GAGA D-60 through Jensen Tornado, Celestion Vintage30, and other 12" speakers.

Thank you David Garfinkle, Jason Robling, David Diamond, Eric Warren, Andy Aledort, Scott Lerner, Maurice Pringle, Andy Lackow, Bill Holter, Roger Hollard, and the many other excellent musicians who kindly jammed with us.

"Went to the amp show this weekend ... Most innovative things I saw: Phantom Powered Pedals -- they draw power from the amp [or a small power supply sitting back at any amp] through [any TRS cable], so you don't need a power source for your board. You can daisy chain 9v power from a pedal that's already got the phantom power (whether it's one they made or a modded pedal) to other pedals on your board. There's also a power brick type thing [to] power the rest of your pedals. It's a really cool [and patented] idea... In the same room was Milbert Amps with their [GAGA] - it's a [12 pound] tube amp with no transformer. It sounds amazing. The builders brought a drummer and bassist with them, and people were jamming all weekend. ... It sounded excellent. ... I was really, really impressed with this..." »

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Ultimate Pigtronix Pedal Demo + GAGA D-60

Futuristic Analog Tone ...made louder

Jason explains GAGA, Standback, P3 - video

NY Amp Show 2012 walk-around with Loni

"Ninety watts and twelve pounds? Sweet. Does it bounce?"

Many amps share decades-old designs having all kinds of issues that can't be turned off or gotten away from. GAGA offers utmost versatility and purest-possible tube amplification -- to which anything may be added or dialed-in: Touch-sensitive finesse, grit, hair, preamp overdrive and compression, screaming power tube crunch, super clean, whatever...or any combinations thereof. The sounds you make are entirely your own; GAGA gives you coloring tools, amplifies faithfully, and gets out of the way - it doesn't limit your tone or style; instead, it intensifies and expands creativity with new sounds and possibilities. In spiritual terms, GAGA is a new kind of amp for the new age.

updated 21 Mar 2023

Milbert Amplifiers, The Most Musical Amplifiers. Made in USA since 1986.
Milbert Amplifiers
The Most Musical Amplifiers
Made in USA since 1986

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