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P3 supplies 9-volt power over any standard stereo guitar audio cable.
P3® is phantom power for pedals & pickups.
No batteries.   No power wires.   No kidding.

P3® and P3-Ready are trademarks of The DC Voltage Company. P3 technologies and trademarks are licensed by various manufacturers and gurus, including AnalogMan, Barber Electronics, Fuchs Audio Technology, Jamie Stillman / Earthquaker, Joel Weaver / HBE, Milbert Amplifiers, VFE, and others.

P3 - Phantom Power for Pedals & Active Pickups

One cable for power and signal ...and better tone.

P3 supplies power for effects pedals and active pickups using any standard stereo (TRS) cable. When switched on P3 provides phantom power for effects pedals and/or active pickups: 9 Volts flows from the amplifier (or P3 PowerStation) out to the pedals/pickups while the music signal flows back over the same cable. Musicians aurally confirm its laboratory measurements: P3 has no negative effect on tone and in fact improves tone because supply voltage is regulated and no longer dwindles or fails as do batteries.

Cuts cabling in half ...redefines flexibility.

On the pedalboard, P3 redefines flexibility. P3 power may be distributed by a break-out box (via standard DC barrel connectors). Also, because any P3 pedal is also a break-out for P3 power, one P3 pedal in the chain (closest to GAGA) may send power out from its DC input jack. Moreover, this power is then daisy-chainable (or Power-Chainable) to all stock pedals. P3 offers an end to dead batteries, power cables, ground loop hum, and power problems.

Advantages offered by P3

  • no more batteries
  • no more ground loops
  • no more power cables - number of cables cut by up to half -- dramatically cleaner, simpler pedalboard
  • no more AC power required
  • no more wall warts
  • no more droop or vanishing headroom
  • no more D.O.A.
  • no hassle setup and teardown
  • no more land-filling spent batteries
  • no more scrounging or running out for batteries before or during a gig
  • high current -- 1,500mA continuous, 4,000mA burst
  • ultrasonically recharged, linearly-regulated, pristine power

Milbert Amplifiers, The Most Musical Amplifiers. Made in USA since 1986.
Milbert Amplifiers
The Most Musical Amplifiers
Made in USA since 1986

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