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Summer NAMM, July 2009, Nashville, TN

We introduced the 3.3-pound "pinky weight" GAGA engineering prototype at this show to an unexpecting audience. The most common reaction was (and remains) an honest "wow", followed by playing and smiling. Immediately evident: Nearly everyone keeps playing (and smiling) -- and not tweaking at the controls -- presumably because there's great tone right away. We're grateful for everyone's encouragement and useful feedback on the important features and characteristics that have been worked into the production GAGA and its siblings.


"Wow" is a common reaction to GAGA.

"...your amp is amazing -- it totally wins my 'best new innovation' award." »

"Half of the music industry here is in an uproar to find out what this GAGA amp is all about...the other half may be asleep." --Chris Lewis

"...just when you've seen everyone doing the same things in different ways, then you see something like this..." --Richard Goodsell, Goodsell Amplifiers, 18 July 2009, Nashville Summer NAMM

"It is nice to see somebody still thinking." --Craig Anderton,, 18 July 2009, Nashville Summer NAMM

"The clean is very clean. Nice how it slides in and out of overload depending on how hard I push it." --Brian Meader, WMC

"And don't forget the part about being able to lift it with your pinky! I didn't believe it was possible until I tried it myself!" --Jon Chappell, 21 July 2009, »

Video interview about GAGA, from Nashville NAMM 2009 Scroll down the right side of the flash video player, and see also the interview with Jason about the P3 phantom power pedal system.



  • 2-minute, concise overview of (prototype) GAGA at Nashville summer NAMM 2009: "...there's nothing else like it on the planet." »

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Milbert Amplifiers, The Most Musical Amplifiers. Made in USA since 1986.
Milbert Amplifiers
The Most Musical Amplifiers
Made in USA since 1986

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