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Milbert BaM-235ab Mobile Tube Amplifier

The Most Musical Mobile Tube Amplifier - BaM

Legendary high-end tube amplification. The sound-quality performance standard since 1986.

Milbert TC Mobile Tube Preamp/Crossovers

The Most Musical Tube Processor - TC

Tube gain for everyone. Multiple inputs. Adjustable sub-woofer crossover. Line driver.
In 1992, Milbert Amplifiers began producing the first in a series of active tube crossovers for use in bi-amplified mobile audio systems. These devices, built to top quality and performance standards, are made to work with any audio equipment and to complement the BaM tube amplifiers in higher-power audio systems.

Milbert Amplifiers Liquid Mobile Tube Amp

The (Smaller) Most Musical Mobile Tube Amplifier - Liquid

Genuine all-tube amplification, made for automotive use. Small package, 8.5 x 11 footprint.

Milbert GAGA: 12-pounds 90-Watts tube guitar amp

The Most Musical Tube Guitar Amplifiers - GAGA

Light-weight, powerful, infinitely toneful. Pick three.

Give your same old pedals ... Powerful new tones

Change the power to your pedals, and change their sound -- a new way to shape and explore tone. Adjust headroom. Slam impact. Industrial-strength, quiet, powerful. Converts any 9-volt DC supply simultaneously to 18-volts, 12-volts, finely variable 6- to 12-volts, and P3 9-volts. P3-Ready™ Available for purchase factory-direct using credit card; we ship worldwide.

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