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Winter NAMM, January 2013

Dave represented MA along with Jason, Charlie and Brian at the P3 / Standback in booth 5935 B




Many amps share decades-old designs having all kinds of issues that can't be turned off or gotten away from. GAGA offers utmost versatility and purest-possible tube amplification -- to which anything may be added or dialed-in: Touch-sensitive finesse, grit, hair, preamp overdrive and compression, screaming power tube crunch, super clean, whatever...or any combinations thereof. The sounds you make are entirely your own; GAGA gives you coloring tools, amplifies faithfully, and gets out of the way - it doesn't limit your tone or style; instead, it intensifies and expands creativity with new sounds and possibilities. In spiritual terms, GAGA is a new kind of amp for the new age.

updated 20 Jun 2018

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