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Jecklin Disc recording technique and info - plus Analog vs Digital shootout, reel-reel vs ADC

I'm trying to decide if I want to record to analog tape and then transfer the recording into the digital realm vs. an all digital recording. I set up a test, using a Teac A3440 4-track reel deck. I set things things up to record the same performance, feeding the audio into the Teac and computer at the same time. I came away feeling that one sounded better than the other. Watch, listen and see what you think!

Musical Truth [Mark Devlin's Musical Truth book Tour @ New Horizons 2016]

This is ridiculously informative, in an highly alternative way.

Manipuated by Music - The 'Paul Is Dead' that just won't die, and here's many great reasons why

Sofia Smallstorm & Mike Williams - The Death Of Paul McCartney - September 11, 1966 (Sept 2016)

"[I am] irritated and annoyed that I was made to like this [music]...that I didn't just like it [for its own merit], I [grew to like] it because it was stuck in front of my was all we had."

"What you thought this band was about - what any band [of that time] was about - was not true; it's another deception, it's another falsehood, it's another lie."

Bottom line: Paul McCartney died on September 11, 1966, and we've been listening to Bill Shepherd for fifty years.

The DIY Trend is Starting to Get Scary and it's Not All about Price

RE Home-automation products

"In fact, "good service" nowadays is often about no service at all - at least not personal service. We don't want to talk to people. We don't want to mess with scheduling contractors and being home (and dressed ... and pleasant ...) when they arrive. We just want to get it over with.

"Consumers don't necessarily go the DIY route because they're too cheap to hire a pro, or the products themselves are cheap (they're not always). They do it because it's just simpler that way...

GHOST ARMY (2013) movie reveals perhaps earliest known use of multi-track recording technique: Making deceptive (psyop) audio recordings of non-existent army apparatus, operations and maneuvers

False audio recordings. False RF communications. Inflatable dummy tanks, artillery -- all rigged by hundreds of artistic army corps personnel, for the purpose of deceiving the German forces. Sonic deception.

Dave McGowan on Music, Serial Killers and Psychological Warfare

Examining where rock music came from, and why, and who.

First Light, An Introduction to Meru Foundation Research

This is absolutely incredible research.

The Truth About Popular Music -- too loud and all sounds the same -- Weaponized music, made to upset and harm -- Ever-stupider lyrics dumbing-down listeners on-purpose

"Why is pop-music becoming dumber, blander and more homogenized?" -- 2:10 into video

It's become so egregiously ridiculous that even Alex Jones cronies are reporting on it.

ARISTOTLE - Listen to the wrong kind of music, become the wrong kind of person.

Mark Devlin "Free will consciousness, consent and the corporate music industry" - Open Mind Conference 2015

Astonishingly well-documented examination of predictive programming and mind manipulation techniques in popular media, music, film, culture. You may not think the same way after viewing this man's presentation.

"We got one more, then we gotta get out. I gotta go home, y'all. I gotta go home to America. I gotta go get ready for the bombs. Osama Bin Laden getting ready to bomb, yeah. ... 2001, hit me!" -- Prince in Concert, December 1998  yU

"I have found a way to see spirit. I have found the missing energy inside a magnetic field." - Marko Rodin

Application of the Rodin analysis to Fibonacci sequence. Presence of repeating patterns is presented as evidence of created structure.

Digit collapsing of any doubled sequence reveals 'fingerprint of god' repeating number 248751

Soul Resonance and Music -

"...humans are adept at developing acquired tastes for that which kills them slowly, such as alcohol and tobacco, and the same may be said of certain music."

What music we enjoy potentially includes not only our soul resonance characteristics and recurring life themes, but also the more superficial aspects such as cultural/subcultural affiliation and degree of intellectual vs kinesthetic vs emotional centrism.

It would be a mistake, however, to confuse soul resonance with the more mundane factors behind musical preference and therefore draw the wrong conclusions. To reach the soul, a song must pass through the brain's musical circuitry. If the circuitry is not well developed, the song will never be perceived to the depths necessary to resonate the soul in the first place. In that case, a person's musical preference may be due more to mundane factors such as association, identity, groove, or intrigue. Many such individuals tend not to have strong musical preferences at all and will listen to just about anything; that's because their preference doesn't conditionally follow from their unique soul resonance profiles.

But assuming we can achieve objective insight into the soul based on musical preference, what are the implications? Well, in short it means that we all have spiritual roles that are unique in their idiosyncrasies yet generic in their stemming from just a few archetypes. These archetypes include the warrior, the healer, the wanderer, the trickster, the chieftain, the child, the king, the princess, the knight, the hero, the technician, the alien, the martyr, the observer, etc. These archetypes are what underlie the correspondences between soul, life, and music.

It also means that we are what we are, and we stand for what we stand for. If others acquire perception of our inner archetypes, and we of theirs, that should be no cause for mutual embarrassment, contempt, hubris, or hate. It should only be cause for mutual matter-of-fact acknowledgement and understanding without necessarily betraying our own values and roles, for we must be what we must be.

The Secret Power of Music: The Transformation of Self and Society through Musical Energy

A study of the hidden side of music and its subtle effects.

Music and the Power of Sound: The Influence of Tuning and Interval on Consciousness

Music has always been esteemed for its power to speak directly to our higher consciousness, a power founded in the purity of simple harmonic ratios. In this book, Alain Danielou traces the development of musical scales and tuning from their origins in both China and India, through their merging in ancient Greece, and on to the development of the Western traditions of modal and polyphonic music. Understanding these potent harmonic relationships offers a way for today's musicians to transcend the limitations of overly rationalistic music by drawing on its metaphysical roots.

Let's Talk Music welcomes Stewart Copeland

45:15 in: "This is worth it. Those eighty-thousand people. That kinetic ritual. That electricity that comes to the stage, that the artist reflects back -- that shamanism. You know, we get a rhythm going, and you've got this mass of humanity with you. That's quite intoxicating."

The Inner Nature of Music and the Experience of Tone - The Occult Basis of Music - A lecture by Rudolf Steiner Cologne, December 3, 1906

A lecture, hitherto untranslated given at Cologne on December 3, 1906. Published in The Golden Blade, 1956. It is the first lecture in the series The Inner Nature of Music, and the Experience of Tone. In the collected edition of Rudolf Steiner's works, the volume containing the German texts is entitled, Das Wesen Des Musikalischen und Das Tonerlebnis Im Menschen. (Vol. 283 in the Bibliographic Survey, 1961). Translated by Charles Waterman.

From Four or Five Pro DJ's to Inumerable - How the July 1977 "Summer of Sam" Blackout in NYC contributed mightily to the sudden rise of Hip-Hop

Thousands of looters on Broadway.

KRS One: "I'm bugging out because church-going, upstanding citizens, the ones you know are teachers and doctors and 'in the community' - they are now reduced to looters, thieves and rioters."

When there is no light, man is reduced to animal.

What is Bitcoin -- 2 of the best, shortest, clearest explanations, combined back-to-back

There are a lot of good introduction to bitcoin videos on the internet. This video takes two of the best, shortest explanations, and puts them back-to-back, so you need only share this one video.

Radio Below 22 kHz - Listening to Earth, Schumann Resonance

Website with numerous articles, schematics, sound samples, technical information on DC- to ultra-ultra low radio and energy below 22 kHz.

Audi started with a 'virtual cockpit,' now it wants a 'virtual dashboard'

Audi unveiled its "virtual cockpit" display at CES in 2014, and this year the German carmaker said its planning a "virtual dashboard" for future models, with "seamless" device integration.

TOP 10 SONIC TORTURE SONGS FROM GITMO -- Psychosonic Drugs - Psychosonic Attacks - Weaponizing Lady GaGa (or any artist / MP3) - DEFCON 18

You'll learn how different mental states can be created using frequencies that interact with the brain, how the military is using this attack vector, how Vegas uses these same techniques on customers, which open source software creates these frequency generated psychic states and sites so you can continue your adventures in psychosonics. Multiple new attacks based on psychosonics will be demonstrated and fully explained to you can easily integrated these into you attack tools.

"Music tames the savage beast, but we can inject psychosonics to make them crazy."

18.98 Hz makes an average eyeball vibrate. Causes ghost images.

"Your frequency determines your mood."

GNAURAL lets you create the psychosonic stream.
AUDACITY lets you inject it.
BrainStimPro (binaural brainwave generator)

40 Hz > (Gamme waves) -- Insight, awake, "ah ha!" moment

13 Hz - 40 Hz (Beta) -- Active, busy, anxious, thinking, active concentration

8 Hz - 13 Hz (Alpha) -- Relaxation (while awake)

4 Hz - 7 Hz (Theta) -- Dreams, deep meditation, hypnosis

< 4 Hz (Delta) -- Deep dreamless sleep

Tones affect you.
Lower tones "sync" with moods.

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