Milbert Amplifiers

The Most Musical Amplifiers. Made in USA since 1986.

Winter NAMM, January 2011, Anaheim, CA

Production prototypes first appeared at this show, one suspended from a produce scale. We appreciate all the encouragement and useful feedback.


"Everybody already gets every sound they want from their pedals. What they need is a nice sounding, light and reliable tube amp. GAGA is that." -- Perry Robertson

"[GAGA]'s recovery from overload is transparent, so smooth...he's blasting away into that rich output tube crunch but then the next moment, the next note is clean and pure. There's no sag, no delay..." -- Gary Smyers, bassist

"I'm excited to see some truly new technology." -- Tom Lees, Tech Editor, Bass Gear Magazine

"Wow. That's about my favorite thing I've seen here."

"I've been playing for decades. You have by far the best sound here. Too bad most people will miss it. ...this time." -- G.S.

"Love how I can dial it in and then never touch it." -- Ricky

"I'm sick of my heavy amps. This is perfect." -- Steph G.

"The tone is spot-on, mate." -- Cory from Australia

"So far this is the best thing I've seen." -- Beth Pearson

"Instead of foldback and saturation, and then you hit a wall, and then your dynamics are gone - this has a bottomless kind of feeling to it. I'm trying to explain how it makes me feel, and the way it makes me feel is goosebumps. That's when I really get interested." -- Gary Smyers, bassist

"Some guys seem so sure they want all this heavy iron and core saturation. But that just slows down the amp and wastes power. Headroom vanishes. Dynamics vanish. Volume vanishes. Why? For what? In the past nothing could be done about that sonic catastrophe, but now [you] sure can." -- Bo, guitarist

Made to indefinitely sustain any sustain or playing style with bottomless energy reserves, GAGA does not fall apart, fade away, or do anything untoward under any playing conditions. It will sustain total speaker opens or dead-shorts at full power. GAGA is designed to maximize all the best qualities of tubes, including tonal purity and "feel", while vanquishing traditional drawbacks.


By the time the editor of Analog War Cry, Alfie Cruz, picked up GAGA it had been playing for hours. "...pleasantly warm to touch and in tone. I can hardly wait to review!" »

"How can so much tone and power come from that [small] package? I love the versatility. Wow. Insane." »

Michael listens intently to Dick Dale's feedback and surf style guitar playing. »

"Everyone who plays GAGA smiles and appreciates its light-weight, power and tone. They tend to keep on playing." GAGA is made to be intriguing, involving and inspiring. »

"Another nice thing about GAGA is you set it to a general range and then control everything from your guitar." GAGA is extremely dynamic, unflappable, and oozes tone and power. »

Sinbad meets GAGA »

"It's completely captivating. I want one." »

"[Lugging] my 75 pound amp tires me out before I even get to the gig. I'm so ready for GAGA." »

Machined from 1/8th-inch thick aluminum, GAGA sports boldness in a world of conformity. "You've managed to pull off a unique look that no one else has. The simplicity, features and tone are great, and the power and weight combination is killer." -- Alfie Cruz, Analog War Cry »

"...if I walked into a store and found an amp that could power my entire pedal'd aleady have me hooked. Such power and tone out of that little box?! Sheesh..." »

Dick Dale enjoyed how accurately GAGA reproduces the complex and gutteral attack of heavy strings played surf style. "That sounds great. Very interesting. Very very. I always like the birth of cool new stuff." »

With no heavy, homogenizing audio output transformer in the way, tube tone comes through GAGA unfiltered. One manifestation is amplification with incredible speed, power and detail. »

updated 21 Mar 2023

Milbert Amplifiers, The Most Musical Amplifiers. Made in USA since 1986.
Milbert Amplifiers
The Most Musical Amplifiers
Made in USA since 1986

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