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Rap Music, disruptor of families and society, degrader of women, disconnector of cross-generational wisdom


  Wed 20 Dec 2017


  music, mk, unspun, lenon honor, rap music, hip hop, culture, divide and conquer, language, communication, entrancement, spell, lyrics, degradation, family



Extremely good interview by Jan Irvin (Gnostic Media / UnSpun) of Lenon Honor, regarding documentary "Beyond Gangster Blackface" which reveals Rap Music as tool to destroy society, America.

Tremendous, irrefutable evidence given at 58:48 into video. Per-minute averages of filth and degradation.

Rap Music (NWA in particular) shown to be almost 50 times more abusive to Blacks than the police brutality they therefore presumably feign to abhor. (SOURCE: 1:01:11 into video, paraphrasing statistics gathered by Lenon Honor)

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