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A Conversation with Dan Winter about Mr. Keshe and Plasma Science


  Thu 4 May 2017


  bliss, cancer, conjugation, plasma, physics, dan winter, phi, resonance, holy grail of water, water, golden mean, physics, negentropy, gravity, priore



This is the record of a meeeting with Dan Winter, the genius sacred geometrist and plasma scientist, who in this interview brings his intelligence into focus with some electrical engineering language in an analysis of the Revelations of Mr. Keshe and his MAGRAV technology, and how GANS materials are in fact ORME (orbitally re-arranged mono atomic element) material as well, and NANO material at the same time... for a transcript of this conversation as well as 3 of M T Keshe's Knowledge seeker workshops related to personal security and defensive strategy when building your craft see THE THIRD BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE available on amazon kindle

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