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United Breaks Guitars


  Tue 11 Apr 2017


  taylor, guitars, airlines, luggage, tsa, insurance, damage, instruments



David Ridout 2 years ago
I just saw an article suggesting that the resulting poor publicity from these videos caused a $180,000,000 drop in share prices. They probably should have just bought the dude a new guitar.

Red Burtley 5 months ago
I never liked country music until this song.

allhallowseve23 8 months ago
Are they still doing that? They screwed up the finish on my Alvarez Yairi Signature over 25 years ago by unpacking my guitar and everything in the guitar case storage compartment and then improperly stowing the metal Shubb capo (and everything else in the storage) on top of the guitar (not putting anything back in the storage compartment where they found them). When I opened it when I got home, the finish was horribly scratched up. I was given the same response (which was: "File a claim" and then "No, we don't give a crap about you or your instrument").

NovaScotiaNewfie 2 years ago
United only took action AFTER the video,went viral. Their stock was going down. They did to save face and try to minimize the financial impact. They never cared about doing the right thing. Only acted to try and protect itself.


Every NAMM or CES show, we see musicians carrying-on their guitars.

Singer's Sweet Revenge  n6VY
Uploaded on Jul 10, 2009
A musician whose guitar was damaged by United Airlines exacted his revenge by writing a song that has become a YouTube video sensation. Songwriter Dave Carroll talks about his success.

Dave Carroll: Lessons from "United Breaks Guitars"  2i2M
Columbia Business School
Uploaded on Apr 16, 2010
Musician Dave Carroll tells the story of how his customer complaint video "United Breaks Guitars" became on online sensation, at the BRITE '10 conference. Carroll shares his music and discusses how United changed its ways, and the lessons for customer service in an age of social media.
The BRITE '10 conference on brands, innovation and technology is hosted by the Center on Global Brand Leadership at Columbia Business School. Learn more at or

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