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Music and Dancing with Demons - Dr. Eric Karlstrom


  Fri 26 Aug 2016


  music, military, mk, dave mcgowan, mind control, tavistock, british invasion, beatles, sound, cymatics, vibration, collectivism, theodor adorno, atonal scale, propaganda, spirituality, consciousness, satanica, media, hollywood, eric karlstrom, religion, divide and conquer, drugs, lsd, sex drugs and rock and roll, bob dylan, zionism, world war, banksters, climate change, global warming, control, middle class, demonica, riia, think tanks, nwo, frankfurt school, germany, geopolitics, rand, psyop, psychology, mind, weaponization of music



Part 1 of 2  BIvM

Part 2 of 2  oTI8

Published on May 3, 2016
Popular music orchestrated the Baby Boomer experience from birth to advanced age, thanks to the Tavistock Institute and psychopaths from the Frankfurt School. From their very conception under the umbrella of post war swing, this generation weathered the sappy pre hippie movement love songs of the 50's and early 60's, Woodstock, disco, funk, punk, hip/hop and are now twerking with Beyonce. How did this flotilla of sound shape these boomers into good cultural marxist foot soldiers bending the morals that made civilization possible and placing subsequent generations on the slippery slope of not only moral relativity (do what though wilst) but now into a hall of mirrors that we call Reality Relativity or Politically Correct Palsey? Join us as Eric and Paul review "the boomer experience." Visit to hear more from Eric.

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