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The Truth About Popular Music -- too loud and all sounds the same -- Weaponized music, made to upset and harm -- Ever-stupider lyrics dumbing-down listeners on-purpose


  Thu 2 Jun 2016


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"Why is pop-music becoming dumber, blander and more homogenized?" -- 2:10 into video

It's become so egregiously ridiculous that even Alex Jones cronies are reporting on it.

ARISTOTLE - Listen to the wrong kind of music, become the wrong kind of person.


See the excellent youtubes by JAMIE BUTURFF on harmonious-with-nature A432 tuning.  XKMk&list=PL21257F2621425450
Onto something. Truth telling. Genuine. Positively resonant information.

See MUSICAL CULT CONTROL paper by DR LEONARD HOROWITZ on A440 militarized/weaponized tuning - mind-blowing, includes military and other research sources. A440 appears to have been chosen over all others nearby precisely because it causes the most upset, anger, strife, disharmony. This ostensibly poisons music based on A440 standard tuning just as GMO seeds poison food.

On the other hand, the A440/A432 could all be total mislead to waylay and waste time; however, truly compelling is that the military poured money into studying and seems to have chosen A440 to cause maximum detriment. Military, by definition, kills and destroys. Its choice of detrimental A440 follows suit. The paper INSIDE THE LC (LAUREL CANYON) by Dave McGowan is astonishing -- WARNING: it may change your musical life.

The sheer amount of information being slowly but surely uncovered on this topic paints an awful picture of modern music -- specifically, that it was (and is) made to cause subtle detriment. On the surface, without looking into it, this may seem preposterous, but after verifying ever-growing evidence, smart minds correct viewpoints. So, you can keep yourself prepostified, mystified, purposely ignorified -- or you can start digging, looking and reasoning.

We're all about good music, life, happiness, advancement on all fronts, so if that means dredging metric tons of evil and darkness to thresh out the truth, so be it. It sure would be nice if other manufacturers would care enough to spread more truth. But so far, that seems largely lacking. Is it going too far to wonder: Are those OEMs which are silent on this topic somehow complicit in your poisoning?

We submit that transistors and their generally characteristic 'bad sound' are part of this larger, darker reality, even if tangentially. There's a lot more information along this trajectory (of how transistors harm sound from the microcosm up) in the section.

Don't miss the Frank Zappa clip at ~6:45 into this video.

Musical Stockholm Syndrome -- great quote.

Pop-music is the equivalent of junk-food -- great quote.

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