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Robert Connolly's PLANT BAND - Musical Plants - Healing Field -- Plants connected to midi synths, playing tones in response to stimulation by crystal singing bowl, being watered, other plants, etc.


  Sat 16 Jan 2016


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Published on Dec 13, 2014
Can plants sense the presence of humans? Can they communicate with other plants, animals or humans? In this video, Robert W Connolly conducts Robert's Plant Band, a quartet of musical plants using a quartz crystal singing bowl. This process is documented in - The Healing Field, - - a feature film about healing with sound, light and electromagnetic fields.

Common house plants were grown by Robert Connolly using water that was first electro-magnetized by Tesla coils. This charged water caused the plants to grow healthier, quicker and perhaps give the plants the capability to sense the presence of their caregiver.

Commercially available polygraph lie detectors that are used in law enforcement were customized to convert the tiny electrical impulses created within the leaves and stems of plants into MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) notes. These notes are then assigned by Robert Connolly to trigger various digital musical instruments inside the computer. All of the music you hear at the outdoor pool were performed by the plants.

When Robert Connolly waves or resonates a quartz crystal singing bowl in front of his musical plants, their nervous system responds to the fields that emanate from his hands and body. Connolly's bio-electromagnetic frequencies are amplified by the piezo-electric properties of the quartz crystal and his plants sense the subtle energy transmitted through the air. Instead of a conductors baton, Connolly utilizes a hand held quartz crystal to influence the plant's electrical system to accentuate the drum beats, high and low notes.

This form of human to plant bio-feedback proves that plants do indeed respond to the presence of humans and have a highly variable electrical communication system. Connolly also believes that his magnetically grown plants can better sense his specific bio-electromagnetic signature in much the same way people with a green thumb can effect the growth of their plants when they touch them.

Connolly also says that his musical plants are just like temperamental human musicians he has produced over the years. At times, for no apparent reason - they go on strike and refuse to perform. If a member of the audience rushes their stage - certain plants get stage freight and stop playing. If they touch them - as most people tend to want to do to someone famous - well, in some cases - be prepared for a long silence....Giving them some water often coaxes them back to perform.

If the audience appreciates their performance and pays close attention, they are very active. Some plants don't like to perform with other plants. Others don't like the sound of the digital instrument they have been assigned to play. Some prefer to have the music turned up loud while others stop working if it is too loud for them.

Connolly will eventually be releasing Robert's Plant Band Album so you can listen to them in your home. You can also see the musical plants perform live with other musical performers at future TeslaMania events. For more information on upcoming concerts visit - where Tesla's Visions are materialized.

You can listen to the Coast to Coast interview to learn more about the plants.  I0

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Cleve Backster's books SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS and PRIMARY PERCEPTION - plants feel pain.

Cleve Backster's work in the late '60s and early '70s was an important impetus for the best selling book THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. In the '80s and 90s, his work was chronicled by Robert Stone in THE SECRET LIFE OF YOUR CELLS and many periodicals. Hisresearch journey started with the 1966 almost accidental rediscovery that plants are sentient and respondto the spontaneous emotions and strongly expressed intentions of relevant humans.

(For example, J.Chandra Bose of India had demonstrated a similar principle in the early part of the 20th century.) Usingan instrument to measure galvanic skin responses (GSR), a part of his polygraph or lie detector stock-in-trade, Backster attempted to determine whether it would measure the moment of rehydration of a plantwhose roots were freshly watered. It did not, but, to his surprise, the GSR meter registered his threat toburn the plant leaf when he spontaneously thought of the idea.

Subsequent to his accidental discovery, in an amazing series of experiments, he demonstrated that theexpression of genuine emotion and intent by humans caused measurable reactions ("PrimaryPerception") in the cells of leaves, fruits, and vegetables. They also reacted to behaviors or changes instates of animals and insects. Conversely, in what Backster labeled "fainting," plants ceased their normalfunctioning when horrific treatment (burning, scalding, and chemical destruction) was continued on theparallel materials or the presence of hostile individuals was introduced into the lab. This reaction seemsto correspond to Shock Syndrome in humans. More detailed protocols demonstrated that plants possesssome discriminatory capability, making them capable of distinguishing individuals who have eitherdestroyed related plants or have very positive intentions. Plants seem to know who has the sentiment tobecome a "green thumb."
GAMALAN music - Music from Bali -- NOT RANDOM, soothing - the plants interact musically.  I0 Bonsai plant is the most receptive to human energy; Aloe also receptive. Not all plants are good at this, not all plants respond.
GAMALAN music - Music from Bali -- NOT RANDOM, soothing - the plants interact musically.  I0 Bonsai plant is the most receptive to human energy; Aloe also receptive. Not all plants are good at this, not all plants respond.
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