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Alberta Solar - Maximum VLF Radio Expedition - August 2000 by Stephen P. McGreevy


  Sat 16 Jan 2016


  gaia, healing sounds, earth energy, schumann resonance, lightning, haarp, ionosphere, navy, elf, ulf, vlf, uulf, dclf, steve mcgreevey, eric dollard, seismic, telluric, tesla, aurora, alberta, canada, magnetosphere, rf, radio



August 2000 Solar-Maximum Natural VLF Radio Stereo-Recording Expedition to Alberta, Canada. Between 06 and 14 August 2000 during a period of high solar-activity, I set-up two delta-loop-antenna stereo cross-azimuth recording systems to capture the magnetosphere's spectacular natural VLF radio reception in north-western Alberta near the Whitemud River to the west of Dixonville, Alberta. "The Music of the Magnetosphere."

Portions of these recordings (only a small fraction) appear in "Disc 1" of "Auroral Chorus III: Music of the Magnetosphere also at Internet Archives (AC-III guide included here as it also has a write-up about this August 2000 VLF expedition).

My other albums at Internet Archives: "Electric Enigma" album by Irdial Discs, and the "Auroral Chorus: Music of the Magnetosphere" series I to IV: all are at Internet Archives

On this particular VLF stereo-recording expedition, I spent a week during the peak of Solar-Cycle 23 in northern Alberta Canada in early August 2000. I van-camped in the Canadian Boreal-forest with two loop-antenna receivers (magnetic-field) connected to two-cross-azimuth loop-antennas, and captured these gorgeous natural VLF radio signals of Earth's Magnetosphere. This was my second most-spectacular Canadian stereo VLF recording expedition undertaken. Longer recordings from the original archival recordings from cassette-tapes are being added in the summer of 2011 and Spring of 2012.

Saskatchewan Stereo VLF Expedition, Summer 2001: Included herein is a 29-minute stereo compilation of natural VLF radio phenomena recorded in northern-central Saskatchewan, Canada late June 2001. The two loop antennae and receivers were identical to the Alberta August 2000 Expedition, however, as solar-activity was far-lower in 2001, the VLF recordings from Saskatchewan have more subtle and less "dramatic" activity compared to in Alberta August 2000.

A 2010 album entitled "Auroral Chorus IV: Music of the Magnetosphere - Desert Whistlers" is here at Internet Archives - the link given below is where my 2011-2012 VLF (Mojave Desert) recordings are being archived, as well as older recordings from throughout the western USA deserts (and some from my Canadian recording expeditions also):  horusIvMusicOfTheMagnetosphere

Stephen P. McGreevy - N6NKS, June 2010 (Updates in August 2011, April and July 2012).

Aurora Photography by Stephen P. McGreevy, August 2000 (standard film, Canon AE-1).

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