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Milbert Amplifiers, The Most Musical Amplifiers. Made in USA since 1986.
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Play GAGA @ AmpShow June 2014, Dallas Love Field, w/ bass & drums

Milbert GAGA: 12-pounds 90-Watts tube guitar amp

A New Kind of Tube Guitar Amplifier

One Amp. Any Tubes. Auto-Everything.   12 lbs. 90 W

"...a very versatile amp with a lot of sound - customizable sound. There is nothing [else] like it on the market..." »

Jan 2014 review, Rich Maloof
Milbert "has produced a genuinely revolutionary guitar amplifier in GAGA. Lightweight, exceptionally adaptable, and featuring an innovative transformerless design, GAGA may be unparalleled in matching versatility with supremely satisfying tube tone. ... GAGA could feasibly mimic most any tube amp. But well beyond the amp's capacity for emulation is an opportunity to discover entirely new timbres, and to nail a sound that otherwise exists only in a player's mind."

Overdrive your Overdrive

Boost or starve power: Another way to manipulate tone.
Turn up to 12. Extend headroom. Push limits.

Power-Chain Custom Cabling

Segmented. Extendable link-by-link.

Milbert Amplifiers Liquid Mobile Tube Amp

Liquid Mobile Tube Amplifier

All-tube amplification. Small 8.5 x 11 package.

Milbert BaM-235ab Mobile Tube Amplifier

BaM Mobile Tube Amplifier

Genuine high-end tube amplification. Since 1986.

Milbert TC Mobile Tube Preamp/Crossovers

TC Tube Preamp

Tube gain. Multi inputs. Sub crossover. Line drive.